Research Explainers

We help researchers communicate with participants, partners, and the public.

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"Demonstrating Respect and Acceptable Consent Strategies" Study

Working with researchers at Johns Hopkins University, we created a series of storybook-style animations that depicted variations of a doctor's appointment. In the animations, the patient is asked to participate in a research study comparing the effectiveness of two types of medication.



The ROMP Ethics Study

The ROMP Ethics Study is an NIH-funded national survey assessing public attitudes about the ethics of Research on Medical Practices. We created a series of whiteboard videos and comics for use in triggering group discussions and survey responses. Here is a link to one of the papers from the research, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.


The VALUES Project

The VALUES Project investigated the perspectives of diverse patients on prospective, longitudinal research that uses patient samples and data. Our role was to develop a series of videos using a metaphor of a library as a repository of medical information. You can learn more on the project website: