Booster Shot Workshops give participants an opportunity to draw and play. Usually the focus is specific healthcare topic related to one of our projects, but we've also had workshops simply about comics and health. Our objective is to provide a useful framework that can be applied to health communication projects, whether they are comics, videos, or anything else.

Past Workshops

10th International Symposium on Pediatric Pain

With our colleague Dr. Amy Drendel, Booster Shot Media presented the development and evaluation of our Stoplight Pain Scale and Pain Comic. In the workshop, we conducted a group drawing exercise exploring visual depictions of pain in comics. Then, after a group discussion on existing pain scale resources, each participant created and shared their own pain scale design.



American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Annual Meeting

With our colleagues from Seattle Children’s Hospital and Stanford University School of Medicine, Booster Shot Media shared the process from the development on two whiteboard video projects used in focus group and survey research. For the workshop, attendees created their own concepts and storyboards for a video that would present a bioethical issue for a research audience.



Comics and Medicine Conference

Booster Shot Media guided workshop attendees in the development of their own patient education mini-comic. Using evidence based, peer reviewed information as a starting point, we discussed how to use comics to create more compelling patient education material that still made the specific and detailed points in the original text.